Friday, 29 January 2016

2016 - birthday keepsake crafts and a rethink.

We are well into 2016. I had a few fairs to attend at the end of last year, they went well but I'm having a rethink.
The new year tends to bring new thoughts to our minds, what can we change or improve?

Well on a non crafting side of things I have told myself I am going to lose weight (what an unusual thought for a woman to have!) Il say its all because my back hurts, and I heard that losing weight can help, but in actual fact I just want to look good in clothes so nice men will notice me(shallow I know, but Im still single at 40). Also my friend of 20 years is getting married in September(Im assuming Il get an invite), so I've given myself until then to lose 2 stone. The healthy eating is a challenge, I'm trying to make better choices but also I'm not denying myself a biscuit or two if I want them. I've found denying myself all treats in past weight loss efforts just makes me give up and I go back to my old ways.

So, oh yes, crafts.
Ive had a rethink. Ive realised that craft stalls tend to sell one kind of thing. There is usually a craft stall with jewellery, or everything is knitted etc whereas my stall has a mish mash of a number of different things eg fabric make up bags next to glass Xmas decorations. Maybe there's too much for the customer to see, and adds to difficult decision making.
If you are new to my blog here are links to my work ... jewellery  and home décor

Ive had a word with myself and I have to work out what I love to make and what I want to put my efforts into.
 Ive decided I love to sew and solder. The mixed media and altered art work that's popular in the USA is breathtaking with its olde worlde look, the mix of  lace, ribbon and metal really appeals to me. I have a board featuring some of it on my  Pinterest page, take a look  my messed up head in pinboard form or alternatively type in altered art into the top of the pinterest page and feast your eyes.

Sewing is still something Im very interested in. My job is sewing based, but its not very pretty(I use an industrial machine and use heavy duty textile) so Id like to carry on with designing my own images and having them printed onto fabric, but then do I sell the fabric on it own for people to make what they want, or make things myself? If so, what do I make? Its all in the thinking stage at the moment, I hope to progress with this side of my crafts later in the year.

Sorry this post isn't very picture heavy, there will be some I promise.
So I havn't really crafted much this year, Ive had to tell myself to stop having creative thoughts(which is tough when I have to walk past goodies in craft shops) my crafts are hibernating and I'm close to decluttering and throwing away draws of things I don't need, but hang on to just in case they come in handy.

Im making soldered keepsakes. Birthday ones at the moment, maybe a couple of mothers day ideas.

Here are a couple Im working on currently, its a bit macabre as their heads are either non existent or not actually attached to the bodies. Ive seen dolls made up of varying materials on Pinterest, they have a name, Assemblage Dolls.
I think we are all different so Im making them have different looks to them. The gothic keepsake on the right would appeal to me, but Im also making bright, happy smiley keepsakes too as Im aware not everybody is into the same things as me.

I bought some flowery fabric the other day as I thought I would make myself a summer skirt. I love a skirt with pockets so found a beautiful vintage handkerchief which I shall cut up(sorry) and add 2 pockets.

That's all from me for now. Sorry if I have waffled a bit, its Friday night and Im a tad tired  and Im trying not to eat an entire pizza with a chocolate bar chaser.

A few days later...
Sorry for the awful pic.

A few days later........ Ive kicked myself up the behind and finished a couple of keepsake dolls.
Birthday keepsake dolls

Sunday, 15 November 2015

New gifts listed ideal for Christmas

Well, the Christmas season is upon us. The twinkly lights are out, the craft fairs have started and the competitive  tv ads are in full swing.
I have a couple more fairs to do, I don't think people are in the spending mood as yet in early November, but I hope things will improve.
Here is a list of where il be selling my work.
Click on it for a bigger view.
 I forgot to add a venue at St Pauls Parish Rooms on Reading Road, Wokingham on Sat the 12th Dec, 2-5pm.
My Xmas decorations are being sold at these venues. Henley has ended, but Cranleigh is happening in December.

Folksy are having a free listing weekend so Ive added a load of items to both of my shops.
Some jewellery...Sparkly jewellery

Most items of jewellery have been reduced as Im not making it anymore, so please take a look, you may find an ideal gift there, also ideal bridal accessories.

In my other crafty shop Ive added new items, decorations, sewn items, earring holders..................Crafty bits n pieces
Mixed media Xmas tree decorations

Lined stockings which hold those huge tubes of sweets. I did extensive research to find that out. All sweets have now been eaten.

Glass Xmas tree decorations with Santa, a Victorian tree and robins.

How about cosmetic items..
a pocket mirror, 5 designs to choose from...

...make up bag.
Im also selling at a vintage fair in Reading at the end of the month. I managed to get my hands on some vintage 70's dresses..
I took the floaty sleeves off this to make it more wearable.

And I will be shortening this to a 60's style so its more appealing.
I have 70's necklaces in my Etsy shop which are ideal for this seasons trends...more vintage fashion here

Il be shortening this dress when it delists, so if you want it long grab it while you can.

So if I don't blog again this year, have a great Xmas, I hope Santa brings you all the craft supplies you want.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Henley & Cranleigh Christmas Ornaments Fair '15

With 3 weeks to go until closing date, I  decided to apply to sell at a big Christmas ornaments fair this year, its being held at venues in Henley and Cranleigh.
As you can imagine I have been working rather hard of late as I can submit 200 decorations(yep, 200) Im on about number 183 at the moment. Sorry that any pics I show here arn't great but you can get an idea of what Il be selling there.

Here is the flyer with all the info you'll need..
Some padded hearts

Little lined stockings with bells so wrapped sweets or little toys can be put in them

Little drawstring sacks, again for treats.

Glass ornaments made form watch crystals.

Glittered wooden stars with decorative wire around them.

Small padded hearts.

A flat glass decoration with a Victorian tree image sandwiched in the middle.

Lots of my little cards made from glass.


So please visit the venues on the dates shown on the flyer. There are lots more makers designs to choose from and you can cover your tree in unique decorations.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Crafts on the way for Christmas

HI Folks, its me again.

I have some pictures to show you of items ive been making . Sorry they are in a strange order, but if things looked organised you may doubt its me writing the post.
Ive been making loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooads of cards, I cant seem to stop myself, il need to join Card Makers Anonymous. Im sewing Xmas goodies and have soldering plans too.

Ive been photo editing again and come up with some bright colourful designs as Im trying to get away from my usual sepia look. You can find them here.. Set of 4 birthday cards

Obviously I have also made sepia Victoriany style cards too.(Please see previous blog section)
I found some fantastic Nordic fabric in a local shop and I always like making stockings so here they are cut out, and below some have been made up. Il be adding jingle bells to them. Also Ive made hearts with the same fabric. Il be selling the stockings in my Folksy shop in the next few weeks.

These soldered tree decorations are available, a set of 5 soldered glass decorations with a different winter scene in each one.  Soldered decorations for your tree.
I love car boot sales,  as you can see below. This is an old letterpress tray that individual letter were kept in at newspaper printers. I shall make this into a hanging jewellery holder by adding hooks to the sides for necklaces, earrings and rings can go in the sections. Ive not decided if Im going to sell it or keep it for myself. At the moment Im keeping it, its mine, all mine ( enter evil laugh here)

I bought these boxes as they can be transformed to make ideal table top display units. I bought Papillon because I love the film ad I get to think about Steve McQueen as I read it.
I love Tenniels Alice in Wonderland Illustrations, Ive had some rubber stamps for years. Recently Ive decided to get back into rubber stamping and here is a set of 4 birthday cards in vibrant colours, ideal to have in the house for emergency birthday cards.

This is another Xmas tree decoration. Ive had some watch domes for years, not sure what I was going to do with them but then had a flash of inspiration. I added a scene in the 2 glass pieces and I shall solder around them to make a decoration. I plan to make 4.
Now, youl need your imagination for this one. Its a  prototype of an item(yes yet another Xmas decoration) which incorporates my love of sewing, soldering and glitter.
I shall make a body of a soldered glass box, add items in it then add a Victoriany  rag type doll components around it. This one is kind of Christmassy with a moon and stars theme, but could be used as decoration all year round.
Imagine her with  a glittery pointy hat, 2 arms and 2 legs and all glued together nicely.
I can make Halloween versions, Xmas, Valentine so they are an idea that are decorative all the time.
Im not sure what to call them, Im currently thinking Spirits, Halloween Spirit , Christmas Spirit etc as it conjures up the image of magical fairy like creature that behold the every aspect of the season, she is also glamorous and mischievous t'boot.

That's all from me for now. I have a few fairs lined up so I  shall be getting ready for those.
Here is a link to both my Folksy shops, plenty of jewellery bargains to be found, and home décor items too.